Meeting Venue
The meeting will take place in Näringslivets Hus, a fully-equipped modern conference center situated in the heart of central Stockholm close to numerous conveniences and attractions.

Näringslivets Hus, Storgatan 19, 114 51 Stockholm
• 11 min walk to/from Centralstation (Centralen)
• Closest subway stop: Östermalmstorg (exit towards Östermalmstorg-Sibyllegatan)

Located in central Stockholm, Riddargatan Hotel and Hotel Birger Jarl are within walking distance of the conference venue (see map below for routes).

Riddargatan Hotel, Riddargatan 14, 114 35 Stockholm
• 6 min walk to/from Näringslivets Hus 
• Closest subway stop: Östermalmstorg

Hotel Birger Jarl, Tulegatan 8, 113 53 Stockholm
• 20 min walk to/from Näringslivets Hus
• Closest subway stop: Rådmansgatan

Transport to the venue/hotels
Information about how to get to the venue/hotels from Stockholm’s airports or Centralstation/Cityterminal is available under the Transport tab. Visit the Stockholms Lokaltrafik website (SL) for detailed information about local public transport.

About Stockholm
Often called the “Venice of the North” or “beauty on water”, Stockholm is set in a sprawling archipelago in the Baltic Sea and lake Mälar. The city spreads across 14 islands which are linked by over 50 bridges. The city has a rich history and lively culture that can be experienced through its beautiful architecture, world-class museums, attractions and restaurants. Some of Stockholm’s highlights include the medieval district in Gamla Stan (the old town), the Royal Palace, the Nobel museum, and the Vasa Museum that houses the world’s only preserved 17th-century ship. For more information on the city visit the Stockholm tourist information office